This is Presley the horse, a member of Dart Stables in Paradise, New Zealand.

Grease Lightning

There’s so much pressure being overseas. I feel the pressure to achieve good grades, to make good friends, to just basically have this great balanced lifestyle. Otherwise, I feel that I would be wasting time & money being here. 

Last semester hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped. Talking it out, I feel like there were a lot of contributing factors that I won’t discuss here. All I can say is that I am hoping the tiles will turn in my favour, or rather, the favour that I hope it to be. 

And now to continue on with some Grease for some feel-good music. 

Friday, July 18, 2014
Barefoot & socks on leaves. #winter #brisbane  (at Wickham Park)

Barefoot & socks on leaves. #winter #brisbane (at Wickham Park)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why do I always feel so insecure about what I have written. Reading back, I always feel like editing and privating the post just so no one can see how ridiculous it sounds 


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I am here to write about Passion, because the possession of this feeling is something that very few people still have. Or so I’ve observed. 

I could go crazy or nuts over a movie, or tv series. I would go on and on about it, and google stuff about it and just go full on nerd mode to dig out anything that I could possibly dig about that something that I have yet to know. And that’s not weird. Tumblr for example is full of fandoms about, well…everything. In this era that a lot of us were brought up in, movies and tv series and the Internet have taken over the activity of entertainment such as reading and writing. So, to be passionate about a movie, or a television series, that’s not weird. And certainly not new. However, very few people I know actually expresses any kind of exaggerated interest that can be deemed passionate. They don’t even remember the names of characters in movies that they claim they like. 

I used movies and tv series as examples, because these are the largest forms of entertainment that most people indulge in. And if they are not even captivated by something that our world is so immersed in, it makes me shiver to think what they think about other stuff such as books, art, culture. I can barely talk about books with anyone anymore, much less art and culture. People who step into the museum glaze over pieces and fail to try to understand what they represent, or they don’t step into museums at all. 

It can’t be because people don’t express their passions. Most people express themselves so vibrantly through social media, so it cannot be that. Or maybe social media is the new passion, but I feel like it’s more of an activity norm than passion. It could be that people have gotten really lazy over the years, or that we are presented with so many different things that we are easily distracted and cannot settle on just those few things to be extremely interested in. Although, of course, it is possible to be passionate about a hundred things. So yeah, no, I still don’t really understand what it is that makes passion such a faraway word. Or maybe it is just the people that I know. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

True Love’s Kiss

Josh & I got pretty bored at night when we were in Maroochydore. There was nothing to do at our backpackers hotel, and the places that were open were restaurants and the cinema so we decided to watch a movie. 

Maleficent was a pretty awesome movie. I love how Disney is expanding the definition of true love’s kiss. Although, I’m not sure how efficient a spell breaker such as true love’s kiss would be. I mean, what if you kiss the person, and the spell doesn’t break, and you’re left with the realization of horror that your love isn’t as true as you thought it was. It was just a thought that popped into my head. But I seriously, seriously love that true love’s kiss doesn’t just mean romantic love anymore. Hoping to see more expansions of this in future movies!

4 hours of whale watching out on the open ocean. It was freezing, but it was incredibly worth it! 😍🐋 #latergram #mooloolaba

4 hours of whale watching out on the open ocean. It was freezing, but it was incredibly worth it! 😍🐋 #latergram #mooloolaba

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I need to start reading. I’ve got these wonderful classics that I bought at the Southbank Book Fair (I got the entire Jane Austen collection for only 2.50!!!) and I feel like if I don’t start reading now, I will never be able to finish one book during the holidays. And my goal is to read, like, 20 books. 

I know I still have about 30 holiday days (holiday days, haha), but if I tell myself that everyday, I will end up with 3 remaining days and not even having picked up a novel. It’s so sad. I feel like I’m sort of…forcing myself to read books nowadays. All the social media, the incessant checking, the watching of Youtube videos are the things that have become my hobbies, instead of the good ol’ I’ll-read-a-book-now-because-I’m-on-break-from-my-assignments, or writing, or sketching. I want, and need, to get that passion back. 

This is what the holidays are truly for.

Monday, June 30, 2014
Homemade pancakes & tuxedo strawberries for dinner with the cheeky @joshutterbug 😁 thanks for the amazing memories & experiences in the past 6 months, here’s to more 🍷❤️#six #chefjosh #surprises #TUXEDOSTRAWBERRIES!!! (at josh’s apartment)

Homemade pancakes & tuxedo strawberries for dinner with the cheeky @joshutterbug 😁 thanks for the amazing memories & experiences in the past 6 months, here’s to more 🍷❤️#six #chefjosh #surprises #TUXEDOSTRAWBERRIES!!! (at josh’s apartment)

Saturday, June 28, 2014
Friday, June 27, 2014

Bye 2nd Year


And it was a good end to it too! The paper was pretty OK, & I actually got out of there an hour earlier! The air had never smelled so sweet, the city lights had never looked so beautiful, and right now the sun has never looked so bright. No but seriously, I think this is the first time in days that the sun has been shining so brightly. I don’t even need to turn on the light in my room.

I am officially on a one month break, and I have to start planning on what I want to do. What I want to watch, to read…because as much as I would like to have a relaxing holiday and just rot in my room like I’ve been telling everybody, I don’t want it to feel entirely wasted. I want to be able to end the holidays with a “ahhh, this is amazing. I’ve read xxxxx number of books and I’ve never felt so enlightened”. Hahaha. 

The one thing I really am looking forward to is the messed up body clock (not that I don’t already have one), but a messed up body clock that I can actually afford. I don’t have to wake up early to study, or set an alarm to make sure that I don’t miss my exams. I can stay up late and watch all the football shows now, and not have to worry that I’ll be too lethargic the next day.


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